Door To Oblivion - Sheldon Kessel
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Door To Oblivion - This is a string quartet which makes use of an extended technique in which the players strike the body of their instruments.

Eine Kleine Klavierstucke - Sheldon Kessel
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Art Music by Sheldon Kessel

As a classically trained composer, Octathorpe writes music for traditional instruments and ensembles.

Eine Kleine Klavierstucke - Piano piece

Frustrations - Sheldon Kessel
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Frustrations - Piano piece for two pianos.  Performed at Music2000 -- a conference/festival for emerging composers.

Zeitgeist - Sheldon Kessel
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Zeitgeist - An early piano piece

Fulfilled Discontent - Sheldon Kessel
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Fulfilled Discontent - for two marimbas and a snare drum.  Performed and recorded by the Prague Radio Symphony orchestra to be included on an album of emerging composers entitled "Masterworks of the New Era."

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