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Independence Project (1)

This is the first in a series of blog posts documenting my journey toward complete independence from working for other people. Since my mid-20s I’ve always had side-business projects to supplement my income from regular jobs. I’ve always dreamed of making my side businesses my primary gig, but have tended to get comfortable in my jobs as an employee, and complacent toward building my businesses. Until 2011, this was fine. I had a decent steady income and was busy with my side projects. When I moved to Chicago in 2011 to be with the woman I would eventually marry, I expected my work life to carry on as it did for the eleven years I lived in Minneapolis-St. Paul. In Chicago I got a harsh dose of reality.

I won’t go into too much detail here about my work experiences in this first “Independence Project” post. It will suffice to say that, in general, my work experiences in Chicago have been less-than-fulfilling from both financial and “life satisfaction” perspectives. Hence, the reason for the “Independence Project.”

I’ll be documenting the steps I take to become independent from employers. I’ve been a fan of personal development and business literature for most of my life, but have often been frustrated by much of the advice given by the business gurus. Too much of the advice is dependent on already knowing people, already having money, being super extroverted, or living somewhere other than a huge and competitive city. I know very few people in Chicago, I have no money, I’m quite introverted, and I live in a huge and competitive city. The “Independence Project” is my story.

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