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Artistic Rebirth

Roughly two years ago, after a way-too-long period of musical/artistic stagnation I did the unthinkable – I hired a coach to help me get out of it.

Let me back up a bit. Sometime around 2003 or 2004 I stopped making music. I didn’t completely stop, as in, I didn’t say to myself “I’m giving up on music.” I just slooowwed my output waaay doowwn. I’ve tried to analyze the reason why. Maybe it was because I was teaching music production and got my fix of making music while at work. Maybe it was because I had switched up my approach to music-making around 2002. Maybe it was because I was doing a lot of DJing. I don’t know. Really, it doesn’t matter anymore. The point is, I didn’t write much music and I definitely didn’t finish much music. Between 2002 and 2009 I was averaging 1-2 tunes finished per year. I was in a major artistic funk. I needed to do something to get out of the slump.

So, in 2015 I decided to hire a coach. Why not, right? I’m a personal trainer and life coach, so I should take some of my own medicine and hire somebody to help me! It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I hired Mark Desvaux ( and began my artistic rebirth.

Mark helped me evaluate and take inventory of the work I had already done and helped formulate a plan to move forward and get out of my artistic slump. I put together an album of stuff that had never been released (In the Meantime) and started to make progress on some musical directions that I had always thought of going in, but never had. The passion was back!

I got back into practicing my instruments and back into the musically-obsessed mindset that had consumed me so many years ago but had somehow been lost.

Now, I see the artistic slump in other people. Not just musical artists, but artists of all types. I see old friends, who were once prolific artists and musicians, settled into artistically barren lives. I get it, though. I understand. It’s much easier to settle into a comfortable existence than to confront the scary beast that is art. However, now that I’m out and confronting the beast every day I feel compelled to try to help others fight their artistic demons. I want to help. It feels so incredible to be creating, to be creative, to be, AN ARTIST. How can I help you rediscover YOUR ARTIST?

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