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News - October 14, 2016


I’ve had “get back to regular blogging” on my TO-DO list for a couple years. I’ll keep this short and sweet and just say, “I’m Back!”

There’s a whole lotta news to talk about:

The new Octathorpe album came out September 30th, 2016. Check it out – it’s available on all the major music sites – both streaming and download.

If you’ve been following my other endeavors, specifically, my health and fitness coaching, that new site is up and running. is now the home for all the health and fitness stuff and is the home for all my music stuff.

Since moving to Chicago in 2011, I’ve significantly reduced the number of DJ gigs I play. However, I still love DJ-ing. I decided to start a podcast to combine my fitness and music interests – it’s the DJ Octathorpe Fitness Music Podcast and can be found at

I also started posting some other DJ mixes at

Check ‘em out.

Thank you to everyone for your patience as I’ve been getting my shit together, and especially, thanks for all your support!

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