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Projects and Happenings

In the time since "In the Meantime" was released, there's been a lot going on in the world of Octathorpe, although this blog and website have been sorta quiet.

Octathorpe is ALWAYS making music. Since "In the Meantime" there have been some straight-up house music dance singles released into all the stores -- "Deep Zeitgeist," "Almost Over," "Face Peel,"Smile Tech," "Shotgun," and "Free To Be." There's been a ton of stuff released only on Soundcloud, in preparation for new albums. I always put stuff on Soundcloud as it's being made and finished. Stuff usually doesn't go into the stores until it's ready to be put on an album. You can always go to Soundcloud at I've been putting together two radically different albums -- one of ambient/noise/IDM type stuff and one of vocal-based songs. All of it is currently available on Soundcloud before the albums are released.

I've also been putting together an acoustic (yes, that's right -- ACOUSTIC) project. I've become a bit obsessed with blues harmonica over the last couple years, and I've always played classical guitar. I know it's a bit weird to hear that an electronic artist plays blues harmonica and classical guitar. Whateva. I'm not sure where this project will go, but I'm excited about it. Here's a bit of blues harp just for shits.

And finally, Octathorpe is now a part of an improvisational noise/industrial act called Kazzab. It's a duo along with Alan Strathmann of the band Starless, among many others. We'll be playing shows around Chicago starting in October. Until then, we post videos of our improv sessions fairly regularly on my YouTube Channel.

Go to the YouTube channel for more Kazzab. There's lot's more on YouTube, but here's a random taste of what Kazzab is: more thing. My wife Laura and I had a baby in June! Julian Gold Kessel came into the world and has been taking up a lot of Octathorpe's time.

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