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DJ Mixes

I’ve been DJ-ing since the late 1990s. I’ve played every type of gig imaginable from clubs and rave parties to weddings, corporate conferences, and athletic events. I’ve even owned my own mobile DJ company. These days I’ve mostly retired from playing out, but I still love DJ-ing. I love the reaction of the crowd and the thrill of finding just the right tune at just the right moment to take them to the next level. The complexities of life currently prevent me from regularly playing out, but I still want to put mixes together for people to enjoy. So, I’m now putting mixes out on Mixcloud and a podcast called “DJ Octathorpe Fitness Music.”

The Mixcloud releases are straight dance music club mixes and can be found at It’s all House, but I might eventually do a mix of another dance genre.

The podcast mixes are done specifically for fitness classes – yoga and indoor cycling. As many of you know, I’m a fitness instructor. I decided to share some of the music I use for my own classes with the rest of the fitness community. The fitness music podcast can be found at

For cycling instructors, I’m also posting the class profiles on my fitness site. The profiles can be found at

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